bike rodeo
Bike Rodeo
Hosted by The Flannel Crew

A Bike Rodeo in its traditional form is an event that aims to create excitement about bikes and teach foundation skills in a fun, light-hearted manner. Events like this inspire and help create bike ambassadors for future generations to come. We’re doing our own take on a Bike Rodeo and are adding a twist of absurdity and mountain-bike-centricity.

So leave Strava behind and come let your hair down. Test your skills and talents (or lack thereof) by throwing yourself into the ring of ridiculousness for the fun of it. And grab some great prizes while you’re at it. Here’s what’s on the line up so far!

1. Inner Tube Tug O’ War
Participants will wrap an inner tube around their waists, facing opposite directions and attempt to pull the opposite participant the direction they are facing. The winner is the first one to pull the other participant past their end line.

2. Timed Tube Swap/Patch
Participants will either patch a flat tire and fill it up or swap the tube (whichever is the most feasible) and will be timed. What a way to build your biceps! Small pumps may be used for increased entertainment value.

3. Toss a Clunker Challenge
In this event, participants will attempt to throw an old ‘clunker as far as they can. Think javelin but biker style.

4. Adult Tricycle Races
Big kids racing things big kids don’t normally ride! No better way to bring back your childhood roots than three wheeled tools of the trade. Adult tricycles or striders race around a cone track for best time. Come get goofy.

5. Lowest Bike Limbo Contest
How low can you go? In this event, participants will defy gravity in a non-conventional way to test how low they can roll under the limbo bar.

6. Skinny Goat Trials
Who still rides skinnies? We still ride skinnies! Brush up on those skinny skills from the glory days of MTBing. We’ll have a loooong skinny feature that gets progressively skinnier as it goes along. We’ll measure how far you get for bragging rights. Age based classes will apply.

7. Huck to Flat/Long Jump Contest
Participants will send it as hard and far as they can. They’ll roll up, hit the jump and fly as far as possible. The class structure for this event will be separated by age and bike type.

8. Bike Crawl (Slowest Bike Race)
A non-race of sorts where the last person to cross a finish line wins. Are you a super balancer extraordinaire? Care to come test your core? Don’t put your foot down… not even a toe! Best suited for those who go with the slow.

9. Wallride Highmark
Go as high as you can. The highest participant will set the “highmark” for others to try and beat. Separate class structures will be based on age.

10. Wheelie Contest
Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned wheelie throw down? Time to channel your inner Wyn Masters. In this event, contestants will pop the longest wheelie they possibly can for the win! But will it be straightforward and direct? Come along and find out.

Friday: 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm