Supporting the fabric of our culture means investing in the groups who build the trails we love to ride. These are our region’s mountain bike trail alliances and associations.


We’ll create the Ride the Rockies Regional Trails Fund through the Ride the Rockies Society which will give back to our hard working mountain bike (MTB) associations in the Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia by providing grants in support of MTB projects such as:

  • New MTB trail developments
  • Trail/network upgrade projects
  • Enhanced signage or wayfinding
  • Research related projects
  • MTB trail builder education


We’ll also ensure our MTB oriented trail groups feel the love at the Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest by giving:

  • Free expo booths
  • Tickets to the festival wrap party
  • Items for local fundraising efforts

There will be a variety of ways at the event that you can join us in making sure the trail groups feel appreciated and support the Rockies’ mountain bike culture, association by association.