Demo-licious Days Bike Demo
Add a demo wristband to your ticket to test out this season’s tastiest bikes

Though you can bring your own bike to Plaid Goat, you can also add a demo wristband onto the standard ticket to test the Fest’s bikes.

Friday will be the Demo “Sneak a Peek” so you can select your tick list, get sized up and have your weekend all organized to get the most out of your demo time. Saturday and Sunday will be the actual Demo-licious Days.

While there will be a lot of bikes at the event, they are on a first come first served basis. So, if there’s a specific bike you’d like to try – please come early. Each vendor will determine how long you can take a bike on a ride for, but the most common duration will be 1-2 hours. To help ensure everyone has a chance to try all of the bikes, we ask that you don’t hold onto a bike while you get lunch or take a break.

What to bring if you’re demo’ing bikes:

  1. A wicked stoke for what’s ahead. You’ll get to test out amazing bikes in some of Canada’s most treasured trails.
  2. ID and credit card so you can take out a bike.
  3. A helmet, riding shoes, pedals, sunglasses, hydration (a pack or bottles), bike pump, multi-tool, spare tube(s) and whatever you would typically ride with.