Soapbox Central Schedule
Soapbox Central Schedule

What rider doesn’t like to rant or rave a bit? So we created Soapbox Central, which is a chance to check out any number of personalities or players in the mountain bike scene.

Watch for draws, do yoga for riders, get wild and more! All sessions are free with your festival ticket. No sign ups required!

3:00pm – Getting powered with 4iiii (factory install draw & follow up demo)
• Host: Troy Delfs, 4iiii Innovations
5:00pm – Ride the Rockies bear-y carefully
• Host: Kim Titchener, Bear Safety and More

9:00am – Yoga for riders

• Hosts: Greg Long, Zen Cowboy & Jess LeBlanc, Embodied Adventure

11:00am – Why Toyota makes things better
• Host: Miles Chester, Cochrane Toyota
1:00pm – Riding in our riding; an MLA’s perspective
• Host: Cameron Westhead, MLA for Banff-Cochrane
3:00pm – Bikepacking 101
• Host: Ryan Corey, Bikepack Canada

11:00am – Fend off saddle time tightness yoga session
• Host: Jeff Mah, Yoga Lounge
1:00pm – Bike breakdown basics
• Host: Dave Williams, Banff’s local mechanic
3:00pm – WildSmart bear spray demonstration
• Host: Tyler McClaron, WildSmart